Gen 3 Prius right Subwoofer Enclosure

Gen 3 Prius (2010+) Right Subwoofer Enclosure

Most customers order a surface mount for the JL 10W3 or HERTZ HX 250D.

The photos below show a recessed mount.

Pricing starts at $290. Options include:

  • $20 - grey or black carpeting
  • $20 - recessed mounting surface (not recommended if using a grill)
  • $15 - terminal cup installed with a soldered 12-gauge lead wire
Only $100-200 cheaper than a local shop would charge, but you are without your car for a day, or two, less since they don't have to make the back shell with your car in their shop. They will appreciate that. You won't have that resin smell in your car for weeks, either.

The back shell only is $125, plus actual shipping. This leaves your local shop only to add the face. Again, they won't need to mask off your trunk to make it, and they will appreciate that, too.

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