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morSpeed Performance Products offers unique hand-laid fiberglass body products for MGB's, Midgets, TR7's, and TR8's.

All fiberglass body parts will require the rough edges be ground off, the part sanded, then worked with filler to correct any pits or indentations before it can be primed and painted.

Once prepared, the installation of the bumpers and hoods is often a simple bolt-up operation. As with all aftermarket fiberglass body panels, fitting and finishing these properly requires a large amount of patience and skill.

January 2023 - Come on Spring! Petroleum prices and shipping costs have driven resin prices up by over 50% in less than 2 years. I recently had to increase the part prices to accommodate some of the increases.

Steel prices are following a similar trend, so some of my non-fiberglass parts have had price increases.

There's a new page for the MGB Rear Disk Conversion bracket sets that utilize calipers from a Nissan 240SX ($145) or a Nissan 240 ($105). Contact me for more details.

Remember to visit the morSpeed Performance Facebook page. Drop a note there with questions, ideas, photos, whatever!

Thanks — Tim

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